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Assigning a Meeting to a Room


When you are creating a calendar event, click on the Rooms, etc. link next to the Guests link.

Only rooms and resources available during the time slot you have chosen will be visible. If, for example, the Large Conference Room is taken during this time, it will not show up on the list.


In the screenshot to the right, both conference rooms are in use during the time we are scheduling a meeting. If we uncheck the “show only available” box we would see both conference rooms with red X marks next to them.


Accessing the Conference Call from Your Computer


When any event or meeting is created in Google, a link for a video call is automatically created, as seen in the screenshot to the right.

If you click on that link from any computer you will be prompted to enter the video call. This can also be done from a mobile device.




Accessing the Conference Call from a DDP Conference Room

There are three rooms with the Chromebox for Meetings enabled: Large Conference Room, Small Conference Room, and Eric’s Office. If a meeting is assigned to one of the rooms it will show on the upcoming meetings screen in the respective room. To confirm that the meeting is assigned to a room, check the event listing in your Google Calendar. In the example below, we can confirm that the meeting is assigned to the Large Conference Room.



Once we have confirmed that the event is assigned to the correct room, it will show up on the monitor in the room. In the photo below, we see the monitor in the Small Conference Room and the events scheduled for that day.

Using the Chromebox Remote, navigate to the call you would like to enable on the screen and click the center button. This will log the conference room monitor, camera, speakers and microphone into the call.

 Controlling the Microphone and Camera for the Conference Room

 Along the top of the TV monitor are the controls. Using the remote, navigate to the camera or microphone icon. Clicking on each one once will turn the icon red and turn off the feature. Click on it again and it will re-enable the feature.

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